On Documentaries (written by Carlos)

So, Rebecca and I watch a lot of documentaries! We’ll be using this blog to talk about many of them: why we watched them, what we thought of them, how we found them, etc. That said, we’ll keep (and update) a list of the documentaries that we’re watching, and we’d love for our members to watch them with us! More specifically, we’d love for this blog and all of its posts to be filled with the thoughts and comments of our members!  We want this to be an honest conversation and an open space for fellowship—even if it is online.


Notably, we watch documentaries because most of the movies, music, TV shows, and social media these days corrupts the mind.  Now, if you think that is an exaggeration, then you’re fooling yourself!  And it’s ok if you don’t believe me!  You don’t have to – just pray about it! Also, I’ll say this: if media did not subconsciously and significantly affect the mind, then commercial advertisements would not exist or be thrown at us every four minutes we look at a screen or turn on the radio.  Even social media platforms have advertisements! But I digress…


If you’re looking at the list of documentaries and don’t know where to start, then that’s ok! Just ask the Father for discernment and for His will to be done. Often, He’ll put a topic, or even the documentary’s title in my mind. Questions like: “Father, do you want me to watch this right now?” have worked wonders for me!  And please feel free to recommend documentaries for Rebecca and I to watch – just pray before you send them our way!

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