On Being Called (written by Rebecca)

I grew up in the church. I went to a small church right around the corner from my childhood home called “True Vine Holiness Church”. This church was a community hub. I remember helping with community bible study during the summer. We would feed the children in the neighborhood and teach them about The Word. We also had a pretty large choir, consisting mostly of my family members. After everyone started to age out, the choir got smaller and smaller until I was the only one singing solos every Sunday. I remember singing the same Mary Mary song every Sunday, haha.


When I left the church and went to college, I grew more distant from the Father. I started to become more intertwined with the ways of the world. Working three jobs and double majoring did not make it any easier to keep the faith. My grades were suffering and instead of reaching out to the Father for help, I took on more jobs and tried to do it all myself. I leaned onto my own understanding and I thought that I could do it all on my own. As a result, I fell into sin. I hit rock bottom. Not only was I exhausted 24/7, but I was also spiritually depleted and distant from the Most High.


As my final semester started to come to a close, I realized that our Father is so merciful and gracious! I knew that I needed to get back in right relationship with Him and I also knew that He had a calling on my life. There was a reason that I made it through school with everything that I had going on without giving up. He showed me that all I need to do is fall to His feet in submission and repentance. When I did this, He showed me the generational curses, the witches and warlocks that were masquerading as saved folks, and even close friends that were wicked. I removed myself from social media and I lost many friends in the process. However, I understand why the Father prompted me to remove myself from the world.


As a result, the calling that he placed on my life became clearer. He showed me the changes that I would bring to health care, in addition to how many people I could help! He also showed me One Body. When I met Carlos, I knew that he was sent to me to help fulfil this divine purpose that Our Father placed on my life and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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