Terms of Services

Welcome to One Body! We invite you to access our website, devotional recordings, membership resources, and forums as a One Body member. Please note that your membership is subject to your agreement with these Terms of Service. The Terms of Service describes our expectations for our members, as well as our rights relating to the delivery of services, which are defined below. Please review the terms carefully before signing up for a membership with One Body.

This agreement is between you and One Body Devotional. Before using the One Body platform, please review these Terms of Service, the Privacy Statement, and other applicable rules, policies, and terms published on www.onebodydevotional.org

1- Terms of Service

  • By using Onebodydevotional.com, you agree to these Terms of Service. These terms are subject to change. Changes can include, but are not limited to: changes in podcast scheduling, changes in live hosting time, emergency cancellations, payment methods, platform access, One Body services, advertising and marketing, and updates related to internet laws and regulation.
  • We will notify our current members at the time of change in regards to modifications that occur to our Terms of Service. Please expect all updates to be received via email to the email address provided to One Body upon registration.
  • Only our One Body Core Members are given authority to offer comments on potential revisions. One Body Core Member will be notified (one) week before revisions are published to Onebodydevotional.com. At which time, the One Body Core Members will have (one) week to voice their feedback on potential revisions to Onebodydevotional.com. Feedback after this time will not be considered. Please expect all updates to be received via email to the email address provided to One Body upon registration.
  • Please review the Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, other applicable rules, policies, and terms published on Onebodydevotional.com to stay up to date with any changes that occur on the platform.

2- Membership

2.1 Before you can use the One Body Devotional platform, you must register for an account (“Account”) and become a member. In order to create an Account you must:

  1. Have a valid email address
  2. Be willing to give your full name, age, sex (Male or Female), and relationship status

            III. Denote how long you have been in the faith, acceptance, and proclamation of the Gospel of      Our Savior Christ

One Body Devotional does not mean to offend any members of the LGBTQ+ community by requiring Male or Female sex biographic information. However, we use this information to make sure that male members are not included in the morning prayer circles or female worship groups. But [we] suffer not a woman to teach, nor usurp the authority over the man 1Timothy 2:12. This does not mean that men cannot learn from women, but we recognize why the Father has given us this instruction. We want to make sure that every member has the ability to grow in the faith by relating to the scripture and fellowshipping with one another. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the scripture in context, but when we do so as a group, it makes the word easier to apply. Because we recognize that this policy may be perceived as discriminatory, we welcome One Body members to acknowledge their pronouns in the username at the point of registration and choose the sex you identify most with. Please email us at onebodydevotional@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you may have about this policy. 

2.2 You can create an Account manually on the front page of onebodydevotional.com. At the time of registration, you will be asked to provide some biographic information and a photo you would like to be used to identify yourself.

2.3 We recommend that you upload a current photo of yourself, but if this is not possible, you are welcome to use a stock photo of your choosing. We just ask that the photo is appropriate, contains no nudity, and is suitable for children to view.

2.4 Couples are welcome to purchase memberships together, but please do so by purchasing the Couples Only Membership at the discounted rate for a pair.

2.5 Sharing account information with others outside of the One Body platform is strictly prohibited, as it subverts our efforts to grow One Body Devotional. Please see our goals if you have questions about the future of One Body.

2.6 Members found to be in objection to the core values of one body will be given a warning and then asked to leave One Body if the behavior continues. Please view our core values if you need more information on what is included in this term.

3- Special Considerations

3.1 Information or data accessed by you through onebodydevotional.com is for personal use only and should not be shared with others outside of our membership. Distribution or commercial exploitation of services, content, information, or data is strictly prohibited.

3.2 The services and information provided by One Body is not meant to serve as professional advice, but rather to fellowship with like-minded individuals and couples in the faith under the authority of the Most High. If you are experiencing mental health concerns, please reach out to a medical professional who would be able to better assist you. We approach all things in love and find prayer to be a great first step as well. If you are in need of prayer, please email us at support@onebodydevotional.org

3.3 We are not responsible for malware contracted by using the platform. One Body will do our due diligence to prevent sensitive information from being shared. For more information, please view our Privacy Statement.

4- Payments & Billing

4.1 The Membership Fees will remain fixed during the membership term unless you: (i) pay for a one year membership, (ii) change individual membership status to couple status (upgrade your membership)

            Membership (individual) = $20/month

            Membership (couples) = $40/month

            Membership (individuals) = $200 (two FREE months)

            Membership (couples) = $300 (three FREE months)

4.2 Pricing on merchandise and devotional products is subject to change.

4.3 You can sponsor a member who is experiencing financial difficulties by adding $10 to your monthly membership. We will cover the rest!

4.4 If you are a member experiencing financial difficulty, please email us at onebodydevotional.com with “Financial Hardship” as the subject.

5- Membership-Published Content

5.1 Members may contribute posts and comments in the devotional forum. Member content that conflicts with the core values of One Body will be removed.

5.2 By posting in the One Body forum you agree to reflect the core values of one body and be respectful of the opinions of others. Please view our core values if you need more information on what is included in this term.

5.3 One Body has no obligation to monitor, review, or edit member content. We trust our members. However, other members are welcome to report content that does not reflect the core values of one body. One Body Core Members are authorized to remove content that does not reflect the core values of one body.

5.4 One Body is not responsible for content posted by the members of our platform. By posting, you accept full responsibility for the content you choose to share.

5.5 Be mindful about sharing personal and identifying information on the site