Learning How to Drink Responsibly (written by Rebecca)


If any of you are like me and grew up seeing adults with unhealthy relationships with alcohol, then you know that it can be even more difficult to manage your own consumption. I struggled with drinking while in college. It was one of the things that helped get me through freshman year. Unfortunately, it became a coping mechanism for so many other aspects of my life that I failed to go to the father for. As I said in my “On Being Called” blog post, I leaned onto my own understanding.


I was basically doing what I saw others doing. As a child, we don’t understand how seeing unhealthy relationships takes an impact on us later in life. It is the adults responsibility to understand how to be the best model for their young ones. This means that I learned what was done wrong a little later in life when the Father revealed some of the generational curses placed on my family.


I walked through the process of developing a healthy relationship with The Father, while also understanding how to consume alcohol responsibility. Not only does this mean understanding your limits, but also leaning how to stop when you’ve reached your limit. With this in mind, I tried to limit my consumption of hard liquor and work on only consuming wine with my meals. Through this process, I could tell that Our Most High was transforming me from the inside out. Here are some practical tips for improving your relationship with alcohol:


  • Spend time with people who understand that you are working on consuming alcohol responsibility
  • If you are unable to discern your limits, pray to the Father for guidance
  • Communicate your struggles to your partner and close loved ones
  • Try not to be in spaces that encourage binge drinking (night clubs and parties)
  • Leave places of temptation when you feel that the enemy is trying to seduce you
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