We are Christians. More specifically, we are followers of our Savior, Yahusha Ha’Mashiach and servants of the Father, Yahuah Elohim. We do not belong to a denomination, and while we do have many close friends and mentors that attend church on Sundays, we keep the Sabbath

We use Our Savior and The Father in reverence for The Most High Yahuah and our perfect Passover Lamb, Yahusha Ha’Masciach. In this way, we keep what is sacred, sacred and use the names our Our Most High with the upmost respect.


Also, there is a wonderful restoration of the scriptures called the את CEPHER (pronounced et’ sef’-er) that writes at length about this question. We agree with their statement, and we encourage you to read through their website.

The Father made two points very clear to us through prayer, fasting, and the reading of His word.


The first point was that He created us for each other, and He often reminded us: “What therefore Elohim hath joined together, let not man put asunder”(Mark 10:9)  These reminders came when we were facing challenges in our relationship and thinking of ending it all. He would use prayer, His word, nature, other people, music, and dreams to tell us to forgive each other, encourage one another, and have faith in Him and His perfect will.  And as we trusted the Father more and more, He would constantly confirm the truth that “we are one.”  Of course, we’re waiting until marriage to become one flesh, but in the meantime, the Father has been working on us to become one in mind, heart, and spirit.


The second point he made clear to us was that we needed to start One Body immediately.  Every time our focus shifted towards anything else—whether that was our wedding, our family, our house, our jobs, or something else that we thought was relatively important—He would remind us of One Body and correct our focus. That said, One Body looked completely different when we tried to start it the first time.  We basically journaled about the word separately, and then, we would turn on a recorder and use our journal entries as the topic of discussion.  It was very ridged, and we quickly fell out of the fast-paced rhythm of reading, journaling, recording.


Weeks passed, and the Father gave Rebecca the idea for us to read His word out-loud and together. So, we started taking turns reading the word to each other and then discussing what we had just read with each other.  We started doing this in the book of the Prophet Jeremiah (which is why we started our One Body episodes in Jeremiah)! After we did this for the first time, I (Carlos) still remember Rebecca looking up at me with tears in her eyes and peace in her voice saying, “This is One Body.”  And so, we started One Body before we got married in the sight of man, because in the sight of the Father, we were already made one.


Everyone has access to all our completed workshops.  We will continue to do our very best to provide you all with consistent updates on the workshops we have in-progress. We spend hours praying, planning, recording, and editing every workshop, and we appreciate your patience!


Yes – please do!  No request will be ignored, and we will do our very best to cater to the needs of the Father’s people.

One Body Core members will help us manage our memberships, plan conferences, and develop marketing materials. Ideally, this group will be composed of members who have been with One Body for more than one year.


Please email us at support@onebodydevotional.org.  We’d love to set up a meeting with you and talk more about this!

We would use the money to achieve the mission of One Body and then these 6 goals:


Grow the One Body Family: Reach over 1,000 listeners and obtain a strong membership of 100 members or more!

Build a strong support network: Receive $7,000 in donations to further the mission of One Body.

Write a daily devotional for couples: This goal takes money and time, but we hope to turn our devotional series into a print book and audio book.

Design a One Body Journal for men and women in the faith: The journal will be designed to be used with our devotional, but you will notice how useful this journal will be for other devotionals as well.

Host a One Body conference: A One Body annual conference would be an amazing interactive experience where the One Body family can meet one another, connect, and fellowship.

Hire a One Body Core Advising Team: The core team will help us manage membership, plan conferences, and develop marketing materials. Ideally, this group will be composed of members who have been with One Body for more than one year.